See What Others Have to Say About Phil’s Training

“I’ve found the skills and tactics taught in CKM to be extremely relevant to the needs of both Patrol and SWAT Officers. The raw, gross motor skills involved make the techniques both easy to learn through repetition and practical to use in the real world. Having received instruction under Phil Kennedy I have really enjoyed learning a very relevant skill set, so much so that I have referred and brought some of my fellow officers to his training.”

– Eric Salemi
Law Enforcement Commander

It has been a pleasure and honor over the years getting to know martial artist Philip Kennedy. He has demonstrated himself to be both an exceptional student and great instructor in the practice of CKM (COMMANDO KRAV MAGA), but more importantly a good man and friend to humanity.

I have been privileged as a member of the Combat Survival-CKM Elite Team of Instructors to coach and certify Philip as an instructor in the CKM (COMMANDO KRAV MAGA) system. Many days and hours I have worked with him as an instructor, coach, and training partner. At each moment I have been impressed with both his physical performance and mental ability to absorb and transfer knowledge to others in a manner that is both effective and entertaining.

Over many years I have been blessed to travel all over the world teaching, certifying, and getting to know many instructors from many different disciplines. Philip has been a standout since our very first meeting in terms of what I feel is important as both a student and an instructor. He understands both the philosophy and mechanics of the CKM system…but more impressive is the integrity of character he brings with his understanding.

I have also been honored to have Philip visit myBoondock Farm in Blackshear, GA where we train in a multitude of different areas and disciplines at our BOONDOCK SURVIVAL® hosted events. He is always a favorite among people in attendance whether as a training partner, instructor, or story teller around the dinner tables and campfires.

Never has there been a time when I thought that I should expect anything less from him than an excellent attitude and a no-quit mentality at our camps either on the farm or at a CKM course. To build a great instructor you have to start with a capable student…Philip has been one of the best from the start and we expect the future to bring him big things.”

– Andrew Clough
Founder, Boondock Survival

“I have found CKM to be an easy to use and effective self-defense method that has blended well with my former Marine Corps training. Phil Kennedy is an instructor who makes the techniques easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.”

– John Dale Gardner
Former Sgt. USMC and author of Combat Devotions

“I’m a first degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate and I have been involved in Commando Krav Maga for almost 2 and a half years. I think the CKM classes are great. They focus on real world self-defense.”

– Adam Meyers

“I am a certified instructor in Commando Krav Maga as well as Savate. In addition to these two arts, I am also a student of several others. I fully believe that the best instructors are also the best students. Phil Kennedy is one of these instructors.

Several years ago Phil and I began our journey as krav maga instructors together, as students. I have had the pleasure of training with him on several other occasions as well. I have always been impressed with his humility and eagerness to learn. He has no problem asking questions when he does not understand, allowing him to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what he is learning. I have no doubt he passes along this insight to his own students. He takes criticism well, knowing that it will only make him better and stronger. I have seen him listen and absorb, approaching a new learning experience with an ‘empty cup.’ However, an empty cup alone is not good enough. Knowledge without wisdom is nearly worthless. To fully appreciate new knowledge, one must be able to relate it to their life, to lessons learned in the past; to understand how to apply it. I have witnessed Phil do this.

In addition to being a good student, he has been a great training partner. He has worked with me, helping me in my problem areas, while graciously accepting my help in his problem areas. He does not shy away from a challenge. One time we were training knife defense (with training knives), working full speed. When I got the knife he made a comment about how worried he was, knowing that I have trained with using knives offensively. This did not deter him from putting his heart into it and not giving up at any point. I know that not only is this how Phil trains, this is how he teaches as well. I am proud to call Phil Kennedy a fellow instructor, and more importantly, a friend, and I look forward to many more training sessions with him.

And as if that’s not enough, he makes a mean jalapeño popper!”

– Patrick M. Conboy
CKM 3, TOP 1, Savate Initiator