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About Virginia Self-Defense & Fitness

Phil Kennedy PhotoVirginia Self-Defense and Fitness offers regular class programming as well as specific self-defense seminars catered to your needs. The list of seminars includes:

Women’s Self-Defense
Gun Defense
Knife Defense
Ground Survival & Striking

Virginia Self-Defense and Fitness provides their clients a certified instructor with first aid training, insurance and professional training equipment to ensure top quality instruction and training for all level of students.

Although Mr. Kennedy has training in a variety of martial arts including karate, aikido, escrima and Kali, his classes and seminars are primarily structured around Commando Krav Maga (CKM) because of the simplicity and effectiveness of this reality-based system. Avoiding conflict is always top priority, however sometimes conflict is unavoidable.

The most rewarding feedback Mr. Kennedy received was from a law enforcement officer who was able to disarm an attacker with a knife without injury to himself or the offender.

What Others Have to Say

“I have found CKM to be an easy to use and effective self-defense method that has blended well with my former Marine Corps training. Phil Kennedy is an instructor who makes the techniques easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.”

– John Dale Gardner, former Sgt. USMC and author of Combat Devotions

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